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The Essential Wine Tasting Guide

The Essential Wine Tasting Guide is a great little pocket tool for the wine lover (full disclosure: Glen Green, the creater, sent me a free sample to check out.)

Just the size of a credit card when folded, it fits easily in your purse, wallet or pocket, and offers a wealth of information. Once unfolded, you can use it to find the right adjectives to describe the texture, aroma and flavors of a wine (everything from "freshly cut grass" to "honey" to "red cherry to "smoke"). It also offers a handy guide to a wine's hue, wine faults, and a temperature serving guide, among other useful things.

Total price comes to around 12 bucks for shipping to the U.S. (the guide is produced and shipped from Australia.) But it's a very helpful tool to take to the wine store, restaurant, or to a meeting of your wine club. I was really impressed by how much is covered in such a small space.