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Wine slushes--update

The nice folks at Quady Winery just sent me 2 sample bottles of wines that they suggest to use in wine slushes--Electra and Red Electra. (They contacted me after reading my article on wine slushes on Wine Enthusiast's website). We are having out of town guests this weekend, and I can think of nothing more refreshing during a muggy VA summer than one of these out on the deck. We'll try them this weekend and post our thoughts them next week. In the meantime, here is some info from Quady Winery about these wines:

Made from the Orange and Black Muscat varieties, Electra and Red Electra taste like a bowl full of fruit with a bouquet of flowers thrown in.

To add to the enjoyment, we made them a little “frizzanté”. It was this tingle on the tongue which gave rise to the name: Electra.

Enjoy on the rocks, on the deck, or lounging next to the pool. Take them on a picnic and you won’t need a nap after lunch.

Here’s a fun idea for entertaining at home: Slushies. With only 4-5% alcohol, the Electras freeze beautifully. You don’t even need a machine. Just pour the wine into a bowl, cover with plastic wrap, and place in a freezer until the wine crystallizes. It will break up easily into an attractive granité like consistency. The frozen wine can then be scooped into a glass and garnished in various ways.

Another interesting fact: the Electras are sweet wines but, because the alcohol is low, the caloric content is the same as regular dry table wine.

Everyday retail nationwide: $12.99