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Slushie taste test

We entertained out-of-town friends over the weekend, so I thought we would do a little wine slushie taste test with the 2 Quady Winery wines I posted about last week.

I made the slushies by pouring the bottle of wine into my electric ice cream maker. In about 45 minutes or so, they were the consistency of a frozen margarita (Quady also suggests just freezing them in a container, and then using a fork to make the wine slushie-consistency. This is also how granitas are made.)

On Friday night, we tried the Red Electra, made from black muscat grapes. It tasted of fresh berries, and the slight prickle made it even more refreshing. It was pretty sweet, but not cloying. We drank it with glazed strawberry pie. The consensus was thumbs up.

Saturday night, we tried the other bottle--Electra, made from the orange muscat grapes. Not sure if my ice cream maker was frozen enough (I cleaned it Saturday morning and stuck it in my deep freezer for 12+ hours before we made slushes again), but we just couldn't get the wine to turn to slush. It was ice cold when we drank it, but the opinion was that it was a bit too sweet. It had lots of honey overtones, and just wasn't refreshing enough for us to enjoy as a summertime "treat." The fizz wasn't as apparent in this wine, so it came off a bit cloying.

We all agreed that we would try the Red Electra again (it would make a great host gift for a summertime party), but we'll skip the regular Electra. Both wines retail for around $12.99. They only have an alcohol content of 4-5%, so they are great choices for summer, when the heat and humidity can make you dizzy enough, without a high alcohol wine to add to the mix.