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Weeknight dinner wine

It's Tuesday night, and you have arrived home late from work. Maybe a quick pasta dinner is on the menu, or perhaps a grilled chicken salad. Or maybe you picked up a pizza on your way home. If you want to enjoy a glass of red that goes with all of the above, and then some, and is inexpensive enough to open up on a weeknight, head to Italy.

The 2005 Montresor Badolino Le Banche de San Lorenzo is under $10, and is full of bright fruit (think red cherries and plums), along with a touch of earthiness and soft tannins. It's approachable and easy-drinking, as well as being very versatile when it comes to food.

Bardolino is in the wine region of Veneto, and red wines tend to be blends of Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara (this particular wine is a 50/30/20 combo, respectively). It's well-balanced and very delicious.