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Cakebread 2002 Reserve Chardonnay

A few years ago, I picked up a bottle of this wine while out at Cakebread winery in Napa. Although oaky CA Chards really aren't my thing, when I tasted it there I was impressed with the depth and complexity that the wine showed. The grapes for it were totally sourced from the cool Carneros area--one of the more prestigious Napa appellations for Chardonnay.

We've kept it cellared since, and finally opened it up last night for our anniversary, to enjoy with lobster tail. The consensus was that it is a gorgeously complex CA Chard....but still not really our thing.

But for those of you who like butterscotch and spicy oak flavor, it's a stunner. The winery website tasting notes mention "ripe pears and peaches," but truthfully, I personally couldn't taste much beyond the oak. It has a full mouthfeel, low acidity and gorgeous light golden color. The winery recommends cellaring it for 5-8 years. This bottle was on the younger side of that, and I'd be curious to see what a few more years does for it.

You can get the full tasting notes about this wine on their website.