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A Native Malbec

I really like big, spicy reds, so I drink a decent amount of Argentinean Malbecs. Since this grape has really thrived there, and it's pretty much become Argentina's signature varietal, it's easy to forget that the grape actually originated in the Loire Valley and Cahors areas of France.

The other week, I picked up a bottle of "native" Malbec from Cahors, the 2003 Atrium Malbec from Georges Vigouroux (about $9 a bottle). It was big and bold, but less fruity than it's Argentinean counterparts. The smoky, oaky notes were apparent, as well as a bit of tobacco leaf, along with some dark berries.

I think this style is indicative of the Cahors region, which produces some dark, big red wines. And it was a nice change of pace.