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Green Vodka

I recently received a sample bottle of 360 Vodka, touted as the "world's first 'green' vodka." Created with locally grown Kansas and Missouri grains (thereby eliminating fossil fuel use needed for transporting imported grains), the distillation process used in creating 360 Vodka consumes 200% less energy than a pot still. It's bottled with 85% recycled glass, and all of the other packaging uses recycled paper and biodegradable materials. Inks used are water or soy based.

Finally, the cool closure used by the bottle, which reminds me fondly of the cap used to close the returnable bottles of A-Treat soda I used to enjoy growing up in Northeastern Pennsylvania, figures prominently in the the company's "360 Close the Loop" program, where $1 will be given to environmental causes for each closure returned.

So how does it taste? While I don't consider myself a vodka connoisseur, Vodka 360 made a really decent martini. My husband and I are more gin lovers than vodka drinkers, but both of us thought it almost tasted like it had a bit of gin's juniper aromatics (but maybe that was in our heads). It has a clean, not too "hot," finish.

If you are looking to make all aspects of your life more green, including what you put into your mouth, then it's worth a look. What 360 Vodka is doing is just the beginning of what will no doubt be a big trend.