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Martini for Fall

Recently, I tried Stirrings new pear martini mix. Stirrings cocktail mixes are so easy--just mix with liquor and enjoy. We made the martinis with the new Vodka 360 that I reviewed last week. The label called for 2 parts martini mix per 1 part vodka (next time, we'll go a little heavier on the vodka...a pet peeve of mine is "frou frou" martinis that don't have a kick to them. Even a cosmo should pack a punch, in my opinion. If I can chug it down like fruit juice then it's just not made strong enough...)

The flavor was really tasty, and not that sweet, with attractive per flavors...perfect for fall. I could see myself sipping a few of them over the course of an evening.

Next I'm going to try their Caipirinha mix...I just have to go get some Cachaca first.