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Silverwing McLaren Vale Grenache Shiraz

Rarely, if ever, do I open a bottle of wine on a weeknight that costs $10 or more. Dinners during the week are often hectic, not leisurely or gourmet, but that doesn't mean that I don't want a decent glass of wine to go with my meal.

Enter Silverwing 2005 McLaren Vale Grenache Shiraz. At around $10 a bottle, it's just the ticket for a Wednesday night. It has easy-going cherry and plum flavors, as well as just a bit of spice. We chilled it for a half hour, both because the addition of Grenache, a higher alcohol grape, sometimes can make a wine feel "hot" in the mouth, and because it was 85+ degrees in the DC area yesterday...

Our dinner was simple grilled sausage and peppers and a cucumber/tomato salad. Gourmet? No. But enjoyable for an Indian summer October evening.