kelly magyarics

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Organic Sauvignon Blanc

Organic wines are becoming more prevalent on store shelves, and more popular with wine drinkers who care both about the environment and about what does (and does not) go into their bodies.

At a local wine store tasting last weekend, I had the Bonterra Sauvignon Blanc from Mendocino, California, which retails for about $10 a bottle. It's an extremely light style of Sauvignon Blanc, and the grapefruit just jumped out of the glass. It had a nice line of racy acidity, along with grapefruit and tangerine on the palate. You could enjoy it as an aperitif, or with light chicken or fish dishes. I usually prefer more of the intense, pungent style of SB, but this was a refreshing break from that.

I wish I would have discovered it in the heat of summer, because it's one of those wines that doesn't make you wilt after a glass or two.