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Raspberry on the Rocks

I read recently about all the awards won by Jip Jip Rocks 2005 Limestone Coast Shiraz from Australia (silver medals in the Australian and NZ wine competitions, etc. etc.) Considering it's about $10 a bottle and I'm a fan of Shiraz, I figured I might as well see if what's inside the bottle lived up to all of the award stickers on the front of the bottle.

When I sniffed it and sipped it, one word came to mind: raspberries. They wafted out of the glass, and nearly exploded on my tongue. The wine is chock full of juicy raspberries, which linger on the finish, along with decent tannins and some vanilla.

Wine Spectator recently named Jip Jip Rocks (actually named for large rock formations on the Limestone Coast) a smart buy, and I agree. If you like Shiraz and are looking for a new name to try, just remember "Jip Jip." It's not easy to forget...