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Can't remember the great wine you had for dinner last week?

How many times have you tried a great bottle of wine at a restaurant or at a party, didn't write it down, and couldn't for the life of you remember what it was the next time you were staring at the shelves of your local wine store? I know it's happened to me...even though I have a wine journal, I don't always remember to write down my memorable bottles. And removing the label can be time-consuming and impractical in certain situations (although the "label saver" stickers are cool and useful.)

At a wine dinner last night here in Carmel, a fellow diner pointed out to us how Rosenblum Cellars offers a pull-off tag on many of its bottles. The tag says ""Pull tab to remember." The tag lists the varietal, vintage, and the specific vineyard (if there is one.)

This is a really smart idea, and I hope other wineries take a cue and add this to their packaging and labeling.