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"Playin' With the Queen of Hearts"

Ahhh...Juice Newton. I'm showing my age, but I remember that song when I was a kid of about seven. And I couldn't help but hum it when sipping the 2005 Queen of Hearts Santa Barbara County Sauvignon Blanc from Lucas and Lewellen Vineyards. It had a lot of attractive honeysuckle floral notes on the nose, but for me, that was as far as it went.

The tasting notes say the wine was done in partial oak. But I'm partial to SBs done in stainless steel and only stainless steel. (That's probably why I don't drink many from California. To borrow a page from the script of Forrest Gump, "you never know what you're gonna get".) It's not always evident from the label. And one wine maker's "subtle" use of oak in SB may be too much for some drinkers, myself included.

OK, so it tastes to me like a California "Chardonnay-light." That wouldn't be so bad, but the wine also tasted a bit "hot" to me. So it just didn't end as crisp as I would have liked it too.

However, if you prefer this style of Sauvignon Blanc, the retail price is $10. You can get more info from L&L's website.