kelly magyarics

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Wheel in the Bubbly

I enjoyed many things about my dinner at Proof in DC last evening. Perhaps my favorite part, however, was the cart that was wheeled to my table at the beginning of the meal. It didn't hold cheeses (though I would have been quite happy if it had...), and thank God it didn't have raw, wrapped pieces of beef like a certain steakhouse chain who will remain nameless (honestly, if I wanted to pick out my own piece of beef, I would go to the supermarket. I came to a steakhouse because I trust the chef to pick out the best cuts.)

No, this particular cart contained shaved ice, and about eight different kinds of Champagne and sparkling wine. In short, for a bubbly-phile like me, it was a dream come true. Wine director Sebastian Zutant described each of the bottles, before we made our decision (and it was very, very difficult to do.)

In my mind, there is just no better way to start a meal than with a sparkler. Kudos to Proof for a classy beginning to a meal there.