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Drink on fire

I'm a sucker for dishes or drinks served en flambe. Whether it's bananas foster, crepes suzette, or even the Bob Marley shots my husband and I enjoyed while on vacation in Negril, Jamaica a few years ago (which, incidentally, are made with creme de menthe, banana liqueur, 151 rum and grenadine, layered to look like the Jamaican flag, and consumed while on fire. Here is a recipe.)

DC's Morrison Clark Hotel is currently featuring a Valentine's Day-themed cocktail called the Flaming Passion. Visit the restaurant to give it a try, or concoct it at home. I feel warm and tingly just thinking about it.

Flaming Passion
Simple syrup
A dash of Angostura
Splash of Brandy
Splash of Grand Marnier
Sparkling Wine
Orange peel to garnish
151 Rum (splash, just to light it up)