kelly magyarics

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Keepin' it Cool

Amazingly, I've only recently gotten a wine refrigerator. I have always wanted one, but I though it better to wait until we redid our basement so I had a decent place to put it. Since my husband and I do enjoy our reds chilled just a bit, we have relied on either 20 minutes in the fridge, or the Vacuvin Wine Chiller sleeve, to get our reds the temperature that we like to drink them. We had been perfectly happy doing that, though if we forget to chill a bottle ahead of time, and just grab it off the rack before dinner, it's just not. as. tasty.

Drinking wine at true cellar temperature (my wine fridge has 2 zones, and I keep the "red zone" at 58 degrees) does make such a difference. Big reds don't have that alcoholic burn, and lighter reds taste darn refreshing.

Just like my Vinturi aerator, I don't know how I lived without one for so long.