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Corked? Cooked? Just plain yucky...

My tastes have really been leaning towards Old World reds lately. I've just had a lot of American and Australian reds lately that were too sweet or too fruity. I picked up a bottle of Mouton Cadet 2005 at Harris Teeter the other day to enjoy this past weekend. (Their wine department is decent overall, but their selection of French wines is pitifully small.)

I've had this wine before, and while it's obviously not a great example of a "fine Bordeaux,"it's usually a decent basic Bordeaux/house wine for the price (9 bucks or so.) I just wanted something dry, with a bit of a backbone, for around $10.

I stuck it in our wine refrigerator yesterday morning, so by dinnertime it was a nice 58 degrees. When we tasted it, though, we were taken aback by a hot sensation, and the feeling that the wine had been "cooked" or madeirzed--maybe it wasn't stored properly.

Luckily, we had a bottle of 2001 Chateau Fourcaud from St. Emilion to enjoy with our big rib eye steaks...

Anyway, I returned the open bottle to Harris Teeter this morning, and the manager happily returned my money, even without a receipt.