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Port for the ladies?

Britain's Marks & Spencer announced this week that they are releasing Pink Port. Hoping to attract women who may not have previously been exposed to Port, the wine is--as the name suggests--pink.

I imagine that they are trying to capitalize on the appeal of rose and blush wines. But I would also imagine that if a woman--or any wine drinker, for that matter--wanted to drink something pink, she (or he) would pick regular, unfortified wine. Even white Port has a heaviness to it from the additional amount of alcohol, and though I haven't yet tasted this Pink Port (Marks and Spencer, if you are reading this and want to send me a sample bottle, email me for my mailing address), reviews I have read online lead me to believe it tastes a bit more like vodka and cranberry than port. Fruity? Yes. Sippable by a fire on a cold winter evening (how many people, including myself, like to enjoy Port)? Perhaps no.

But maybe they will find a market for it. At the very least, Marks & Spencer could take a cue from other wineries and donate part of the proceeds towards breast cancer research.