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Wines for the Big Game

If you are serving any kind of junk food on Superbowl Sunday, you may find it helpful to go back and look at the article I wrote about snack food wine matches.

Here are some other ideas to try:

* I really like the interesting floral notes and refreshing crispness in Torrontes from Argentina with soy-ginger wings.

* Spanish Albarino is a nice alternative to Pinot Grigio or Sauvignon Blanc for white turkey chili.

* Mini-burgers/sliders and a fruity, spicy Spanish Priorat are a satisfying combo.

* An earthy, subtle Chardonnay from France's Macon or Cote Chalonnaise would be great with the earthiness in the avocado when you enjoy it with Guacamole and chips.

Not sure what we'll be eating yet...I plan on heading to Trader Joe's tomorrow to pick up some fun snacks and finger foods. And I actually might be (gasp!) washing it all down with some Heinekens.

Enjoy the game!!!