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Terra Antiga Vinho Verde

It's not really the season for it, but I love the light freshness and bit of spritz of a nice Vinho Verde. I typically pick up a few bottles of the $3.99 offering that Trader Joe's sells out by the case whenever I shop there, but a few weeks ago, I visited WineSmith in Ashburn to pick up a few new bottles of wine from Portugal. (This a great local wine shop, by the way. Owner Neil Smith is very knowledgeable and friendly, and they offer tastings on the weekend as well as during the week.)

Neil recommended a 2006 Terra Antiga Vinho Verde (for a whopping $6.99 a bottle...), and we gave it a try the other evening. It was a bit fuller-bodied than my usual TJ VV wine, but was still light, relatively speaking. It didn't have as much spritz, and was a bit softer, but it was still incredibly easy drinking, with citrus and green apple notes--totally drinkable by itself, as well as with light fish and seafood dishes, soft cheeses, or pasta with cream sauce. In short, a wonderful, crisp white house wine to stock up on for the spring months.