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Beauty That's More Than (Grape)skin Deep

When Kristin Moses was searching for a streamlined approach to her skincare, she didn't need to look any further than her own backyard. Her father and step-mother own Kluge Estate in Charlottesville, VA, and Kristin, whose traded her career in beauty PR for life among the vines, believed in the power of grapeseed oil. Kristin's company, Skincare from the Vineyard, creates the fabulous Bordeaux Balm. Made from grapeseed oil and other essential oils, this all-purpose balm can be used on chapped lips, rough hands and feet, cuticles--you name it.

After chatting with her the other day, Kristin sent me a sample of Bordeaux Balm, and it's really a great product. Moisturizing without being greasy, it gave relief to my dry hands and feet. Kristin also recommends using it as a grooming aid on eyebrows and eyelashes, or to add a bit of "spotlight" to your face. She is planning to add other related products to her line in the future.

Bordeaux Balm retails for $12, is sold in select stores, and can also be purchased online. For more information, visit Kristin's website.