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DC Food and Wine: Better Wines, More Space

I spent some time this weekend at the Washington, DC International Food and Wine Festival. (I actually did a live segment on Friday's 5 PM news on Channel 8 on behalf of the festival. Though there doesn't seem to be a link to it on their site. So hopefully you were lucky to catch my "brilliant" TV debut live...)

The exclusive Grand Cru on Friday evening opened up the weekend, where chefs from some of the area's top restaurants prepared and served small tastes of some of their signature dishes. (Rockfish seemed to be the unintentional theme, with at least three restaurants serving dishes that included this popular local fish. But they were all tasty, especially one from PS7.)

To wash down all of these tasty nibbles, lots of wines were poured, including some high-end offerings like Far Niente Chardonnay, Opus One and Insignia. I typically don't buy into $$$ wine hype, and I'm often more excited to drink a $10 bottle of Malbec that tastes like a $30 bottle, than I am to sip a $200 plus bottle of wine. But if someone else is pouring--and paying--then sure, why not.

The festival itself was held on Saturday and Sunday afternoon. I strolled around during the trade hours on Sunday, and stayed for a bit during the consumer hours. As promised, festival organizers sold less tickets to keep things less crowded. I'll recap over the next week or so some of the wines and food I sampled.