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Small Plates, Good Drinks

Last week I attended a media dinner announcing the relaunch of Charlie Chiang's in Shirlington, renamed Ping. Now, the interior is sleeker (dark red and black), and the menu has been revamped to include xiao die (small plates). We tasted through a lot of the popular dishes, including fantastic chicken gyoza, steamed pork buns (my favorite Dim Sum treat...) and scallops that were fried in tempura that had chopped up shrimp in the batter.

I was super excited because the white that was being poured all evening was from my favorite New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc producer--Spy Valley. Although I typically choose Gewurz or Riesling with Asian food (the aromatic wines are a great match for the fantastic aromas, spices and seasonings going on in so many Asian dishes), this bright white fit the bill for many of the dishes we tried.

The cocktail menu had some interesting choices as well, including a "martini" made with Grey Goose La Poire, elderflower liqueur (I've been hearing of this being used more and more in drinks...) and sparkling wine. And the cocktails were certainly potent, if that's your thing.

You can find out more about Ping on Charlie Chiang's website.