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A Spritzy Gewurz

At a client's tasting this past week on wines from Sonoma, I selected an Adler Fels Sonoma Gewurztraminer for one of the bottles. I really dig Gewurz, and I'm always on the lookout for good domestic producers.

I was really surprised to uncork it and see lots of spritzy bubbles--almost foam--coming to the top of the bottle. The foam continued when I poured it, so to me it seemed in appearance like a Vinho Verde.

The wine was off-dry, with TONS of lychees. Not too much spice, but also some attractive peach and tropical fruit flavors.

If this is your thing--and I think it can be nice for the warmer weather, Adler Fels Sonoma Gewurztraminer is available for around 12 bucks.