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A new liquid dessert

The other night, I sampled Castries Cream liqueur. Made in St. Lucia, Castries Cream is a peanut-based rum (akin to a peanutty version of Bailey's...) It comes in a cool bottle that resembles a peanut in a shell, and right now is available in the mid-Atlantic.

We perused the website for recipes, and finally settled on one that included Castries and coconut rum. We thought it would be a nice combo, but honestly, it didn't work that well. But we did agree that anything chocolate or banana flavored would be a good match, so next time we'll whip up one of the recipes that includes vanilla vodka, or banana or chocolate liqueur. If you are really a fan of peanuts or peanut butter, Castries would also be nice to sip by itself, over ice. I would imagine that it could make a mean parfait, too, with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup or hot fudge.

For more info about Castries, check out