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Continuing quest for the perfect G&T...

So, last year, I posted about how I started buying tonic water in small glass bottles, rather than the larger plastic ones, for my G&Ts. The tonic in the former tastes fizzier, and stays fresher longer. However, I've always thought that mass-produced tonic water is way too sweet, and to my delight, I've recently discovered through a colleague that I'm not alone in that thinking...

Q Tonic is made with Peruvian quinine and Mexican agave, which adds a subtle sweetness, rather than the syrupy flavor that high fructose corn syrup-based tonics can, Q tonic gives the soda--and the liquor--equal billing. It's bitey, sharp and refreshing.

I sampled Q Tonic with different gins, and it makes a huge difference in my favorite cocktail. Granted, the price is steeper than Schwepp's or Canada Dry (it's sold in a 4 pack of single sized bottles for about $6), but it's definitely worth it.

Soon I'll post about 2 other tonic options...just in spring and summer--perfect G&T weather, in my opinion.
In the DC area, you can get Q Tonic at Dean and Deluca in Georgetown, and (soon) at MOM's Organic Markets.