kelly magyarics

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"On the Dot"

I recently got my hands on a bottle of Punkt Genau Gruner Veltliner, imported by Haus Alpenz (who also imports the intriguing, heady-scented Creme de Violette I reviewed a week or so ago.)
The crispness and whiff of white pepper in the often under-appreciated Gruner Veltliner is very appealing to me, but I had never had (or even heard of) a sparkling version. Punkt Genau means "on the dot", and this wine is made from grapes exclusive to Austria's Weinviertel region.

The lack of a cork and wire cage clued me in to the fact that the wine was not fully sparkling (it's actually enclosed with a screw cap.) The effervescence is reminiscent of a really fizzy Vouvray or Vinho Verde, so we sipped it from white wine glasses.

The wine tasted of crisp apples, with a light body. I didn't get any of the typical GV white pepper notes, but maybe the fizz overpowered them. It was definitely enjoyable with the seared tuna we had for dinner that night.

For more info on purchasing information, check out Haus Alpenz's website.