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Gingered Inspiration...

I finally got my hands on a bottle of Domaine de Canton, the French liqueur crafted with Cognac that's infused with baby ginger. I read a lot about it, and my hopes were high (I even fell in love with the bamboo-inspired bottle design.)

It doesn't disappoint. I absolutely adore ginger, and the ginger taste in this bottle is fresh and bitey. I can't wait to try the Canton 75--made with one part Domaine de Canton, topped with three parts of Champagne and a dash of lemon bitters. The bubbles will bring the incredible aromatics right up to my nose.

It's such a unique, striking flavor that I also look forward to experimenting. I still have my bottle of Castries Peanut Rum cream (from St. Lucia) in the fridge. Once I plant my herb garden and my Thai basil sprouts up, I'll think I'll try muddling some Thai basil, and adding it to DdC and Castries--kind of like peanut satay in a glass...

Check the website for availability in your area--it's kind of hard to find in some places, but worth looking for.