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Yes Virginia, there is a Vodka

While many people believe that most if not all vodkas are made from potatoes, that's really not the case. Many are made from grains (sometimes cheap ones meant for fuel and other industrial purposes), after which the liquid is filtered and bottled, and sold as vodka.

Cirrus Vodka, which comes out of Richmond, Virginia, is different. It's produced from high-quality potatoes, in a pot-still, in small batches. What do the potatoes do? Well, they generally leave you with a smoother, creamier mouthfeel. The proof is in the various awards it's garnered, including a gold medal at the 2006 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

I got my hands on a bottle last week, and it certainly has character--with some lemon and vanilla notes, and just a touch of sweetness. Anybody who reads this blog knows that I tend to prefer gin to vodka, and when I do drink vodka, I like it to be a bit more neutral-tasting. But for the connoisseur who is looking for more flavor, this bottle is a great choice.

Cirrus is distributed in VA, DC, TN and soon to be in SC, IL and WV. In Northern VA you can find Cirrus at all of the Clyde's locations, the Inn at Little Washington, and Siberia, among others.
For more info, check out Cirrus Vodka's website.