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Calimocho when it's Caliente

So I finally got around to whipping up that ubiquitous cocktail found all over cafes in Spain, the Calimocho. For those of you unfamiliar with it, the drink is Basque in origin, and it contains equal parts red wine and Coke, served over ice with a lemon slice or wedge. I had been on the fence about this drink, but my curiosity finally won out.

My verdict? Well, I used some leftover wine we had the night before for dinner, and I think it was a bit too dry in style. It seemed to take away the Coke's effervescence, and the the Coke didn't really add anything to the wine's flavor. Since it's ice cold, it's unquestionably refreshing. Next time I'll try a bottle a bit fruitier in nature, maybe a Rioja or a jammy merlot.

For more info on the Calimocho, just Google it. You can also look it up by its Basque spelling, Kalimotxo.