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Ducking Out of the Heat

Last evening, I had a wonderful dinner at Blue Duck Tavern, located inside the Park Hyatt in DC. Yes, the lovely patio was open, but we opted to stay out of the heat, and instead took a table right by the kitchen. (Calling BDT's culinary space an "open kitchen," by the way, is a major understatement. I felt like at any given moment I could have stepped over, grabbed a saute pan and made my own scallops. Not that I could have done a better job than the chefs, mind you.)

The food was sublime--sauteed crispy softshell crabs, sauteed scallops with fennel and anise, Mettwurst (fermented sausage, new on the menu), fries tripled fried in duck fat (they are the antithesis of "frites," and pretty much looked like mini 2x4s. Delish.), homemade cornbread, and the best succotash I have ever had in my life.

And to start off the evening, I tried their Cucumber White Sangria. Anyone who knows me or reads this blog knows that I absolutely cannot turn down a cucumber-based drink. Case in point: I've gushed over Gnome's Water at EatBar, and the Gordon's Cup from Bon Appetit, and anything else I can get my hands on that contains the slender, cool veggie.

This cocktail was made with Sauvignon Blanc, Van Gogh vodka, Triple Sec and Elderflower Syrup. It was served in a large wine glass, over ice, with several cucumber slices as garnish. Very. very. refreshing. Run to the Tavern and ask for one.