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Oh rickey, you're so fine (I couldn't resist...)

The basic recipe for a rickey calls for 1.5 oz of gin (or whiskey, if you prefer), and a half ounce of fresh lime juice over ice in a highball glass. You can sweeten it with sugar, simple syrup or agave syrup if you like, or keep it tart, and top with club soda and a lime wedge.

The rickey actually originated in DC in the late 19th century by "Colonel Joe" Rickey, a lobbyist whose favorite watering hole was Shoomaker's off Pennsylvania Avenue. Joe preferred whiskey, but many fans (myself included) prefer gin.

July was the first annual Rickey Month, and eight of DC's top bars created their own versions, including Bar Pilar, EatBar and Hudson. My fave was Chantal Tseng's of The Tabard Inn, whose Rive Gauche Rickey really had everything I love: Aviation gin, St. Germain, Lucid Absinthe, lavender, fresh lime and sparkling wine (Charles de Fere).

Head to the Adams Morgan location of Bourbon tonight between 6-8 PM, where the best rickey in town will be revealed. There's no cover, and Bourbon is located at 2321 18th Street NW.