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Exotic cocktail seminar

If you are interested in learning how to make exotic cocktails, then be sure to check out the amazing seminar offered tomorrow evening at Mie N Yu:

"The Pacific Rim to The Silk Road"
How to Make Exotic Cocktails
September 9, 2008 6:00 - 7:30
Mie N Yu Restaurant
3125 M Street, N.W.,
Washington, D.C.Phone: (202) 333-6122

Join Phil Greene and Derek Brown of the Museum of the American Cocktail on this trek into the world of exotic cocktails. They'll take participants through a brief history of exotic ingredients in cocktails and how bartenders have used those ingredients over time, demonstrating a range of exotic cocktails from the Indian-inspired Bombay Government Punch of 1694 to the original Tiki-classic, "Mai Tai, Roe Ae." Mixologists Chris Kelley of Mie N Yu and Tom Brown of Cork will demonstrate some contemporary approaches to making exotic cocktails for professionals and amateurs alike. Chef Tim Elliot will provide light fare and participants will sample several of the cocktails, including the Bombay Government Punch, Mai Tai, Moscow Mule and Chris and Tom's original creations!

This event is sponsored by The Museum of the American Cocktail, Mie N Yu, Depaz Rhum Agricole, Finlandia Vodka and Domaine de Canton French Ginger Liqueur.

Tickets are $50. To buy them online, please go to:

Or call 202-222-0948, and ask for Mike Cherner.