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The bottle is always three-quarters full with this zesty, friendly white

On Monday evening, I dined at the new Redwood in Bethesda. It's a gorgeous spot--lots of dark (red)wood, slate, marble, high windows that look out onto a pedestrian-only street. Strikingly handsome.

Wine Program Manager Brian Cook really wants to encourage wine experimentation during a dinner at Redwood. So wines are offered in somewhat unconventional sizes: 100 ml, 250 ml and 500 ml. In visual terms, that's a decent-sized taste, a glass and a half, and 3/4 of a bottle, respectively. (The restaurant employs a handy nitrogen-based wine preservation system to reseal opened bottles, but Cook says most move in a day or two.)

We had several great wine and food pairings, but a standout wine for me was the 2006 Anne Amie Cuvee a Amrita from Oregon. I am a sucker for cool blends of white grapes, and when I saw the laundry list of those included in this juice (muller-thurgau, pinot gris, riesling, chardonnay, viognier and melon), I had to grab a glass.

It was zesty and fresh, with key lime and gooseberry notes. The viognier added a touch of richness and orange blossom aroma, and the riesling--a bit of stone fruit. It had a lot going for it from start to finish, and paired well with their heirloom tomato salad with goat cheese.

Redwood's website is not yet fully functional, but the site does give the address and phone number. I'm not sure yet where I can get the wine in the DC area, but Cook says it is available...and definitely worth the search.