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I'm loving these glasses...

I make a lot of cocktails that are straight up, but sometimes I just don't want to serve them in a traditional cocktail (aka martini) glass. They are WAY too easy to knock over, and the slosh factor makes them clumsy for cocktail parties.

On the flip side, serving drinks over ice in rocks glasses is retro and classy, but sometimes a bit too boring...And if the drink isn't that large, volume-wise, serving it in this style of glassware can look chintzy.

Enter Crate and Barrel's Dizzy Cocktail Glass. It's perfect for cocktails straight up, those over ice and even warm coffee or tea libations. I picked up a bunch a few weeks ago before a dinner party at my house, and used them to serve the Eve's Plumb cocktail I blogged about awhile back. They are sturdy, attractive and sooooo inexpensive--the all clear ones I got are a whopping $1.95, while ones with a colored base are $2.95 (pick up some red and green ones, and you are ready to fete the halls this holiday social season...)