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Cocktails for PB Lovers...

Love peanut butter? Then check out these 2 current cocktail offerings available at DC's CityZen and Central:

Rum, Peanut, Rum

St. Lucia's luscious Castries peanut rum liqueur is caught in a ménage à trois with Remy Martin VSOP Cognac and Godiva chocolate liqueur, sprinkled with salt and served up. If you're known to polish off the complimentary bar bowl of salted nuts, you'll discover that Castries savory, not-too-sweet flavor goes down way too easily. It's liquid dreams with peanut envy.
CityZen, 1330 Maryland Avenue SW, 202.787.6006

Hot Peanut Buttered Rum
Mixologist Justin Guthrie uses coldwashing—where liquor infused with some kind of fat (like bacon or butter) is then frozen to separate the solids from the tasty booze—with Bacardi rum and peanut butter. A fragrant buttered clove tea makes the resulting drink like a hot toddy, and the whipped cream and candied hazelnuts on top are a sweet surprise. “Usually in the beginning people say ‘peanut butter, no way,’” says Guthrie. “Then they take a sip and it’s total silence.”
Michel Richard Central, 1001 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, 202.626.0015