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'Tis the Season for Tart and Tangy

I've never been one for cocktails with orange juice. Sure, I'll sip a Mimosa with brunch, but I'd much prefer "naked" Champagne, or a savory, heavy-on-the-horseradish Bloody Mary. And a bad experience with Screwdrivers back in college rendered me incapable of drinking vodka with OJ. Ugh... But mixed with lemon and mango juice, and one of my favorite liquors--Campari--orange juice is not just palatable, it's downright tasty. Gina Chersevani's Bitter Passion, which she poured at the DC Repeal Day event a week or so ago, was one of my fave drinks of the night. Here's the recipe:

Bitter Passion
Courtesy of Gina Chersevani, EatBar/Tallula

1-½oz Skyy Infusions Passionfruit
¾oz Campari
¾oz Fresh Mango Juice
¾oz Fresh Orange Juice
½oz Fresh Lemon

Shake over ice, strain, serve in a martini glass. Enjoy!

Now, grapefruit juice--that's another story altogether. Tart and mouthwatering, it's always a fabulous addition to lots of cocktails, and I gravitate towards it on cocktail lists. I've seen it popping up on the area's drinks menus this time of year--'tis the season for the big tart sphere. Ruby Red is my favorite, but I also enjoy pink or white, or any other variety.

Last week I dined at Clarendon's Liberty Tavern, where I loved the Grapefruit Buck cocktail. It's made with Absolut Ruby Red Vodka, Elderflower Cordial (I assume St. Germain...), grapefruit juice and Barrett's ginger beer, served over ice in a tall glass. It's citrusy, with just a hint of flowers from the St. Germain, and a fizzy ginger kick. It went down WAY too easily...