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Do you fondue? I do.

About this time every year I pull out my fondue pot and plan some cozy, relaxing dinners by the fire. I have a pot that uses Sterno, and one that uses a votive (good for dipping strawberries or pound cake into melted chocolate...) Still, my favorite is my electric fondue pot, which maintains a perfect temperature the whole meal through (no worrying about running out of Sterno, or having to put it back on the stove for a few minutes because it cools off.) The electric baby makes it through the entire meal each time, its stainless steel finish looks handsome on the table, it's large enough to accommodate 4 or 6 fondue-ers, and it's easy to clean. (Mine's made by Rival, but other manufacturers make them as well.) And it also comes in handy as a deep-fryer in a pinch--we've made some delish doughnuts in it...

I love making a court bouillon, with beef broth, red wine and fresh herbs, in which to cook veggies and beef, and a cup of the savory broth is a great way to end the meal. But nothing beats hot oil for searing pieces of filet, and making crispy potato wedges and singed broccoli.

An article I did about fondues, including wine pairings and some dipping sauces we've concocted, was posted the other day on Wine Enthusiast. Check it out, and plan your cozy fondue dinner...after all, the weekend is only a few days away.