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Yinz ready for the Superbowl?

As a Pennsylvania native, and graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, I definitely root for the black and gold. We'll definitely be waving the Terrible Towel on Sunday afternoon, and maybe enjoying some of the following to get us in the spirit of the 'burgh:

* During my years in Pittsburgh, I was a huge fan of the immensely popular Primanti Brothers, especially since one was located steps from campus. Their sandwiches, filled with French fries and coleslaw, are a fantastic blend of crunch, tang, grease, salt, meat and melted cheese. Mmmmm... So I was thrilled to read the Food section this week and see their take on the classic.

* For an alternative to the French fry, whip up some pierogies (fried, or or sauteed them with butter and onions...). The potato and cheese filled pockets are great dipped in sour cream and chives. Not up to making them from scratch? Mrs. T's are the most widely available in the store. (For the record, Pittsburghers eat 11 times the amount of pierogies as other Americans.)

* To wash it all down, you have several options. Iron City Brewing Company declared bankruptcy, but was bought out by Unified Growth Partners and should return soon to full production. They make Iron City Beer (a macro-style pilsner), I.C Light, Augustiner and Augustiner Dark. Rolling Rock, made in nearby Latrobe, makes a regular and a light lager, also available in 7 oz. "pony bottles"--great to keep in an ice bucket during the big game. Their smaller size means they'll stay cold until the last swig.

Of course, this is nowhere near a definitive list--just a few suggestions of the local fare to whet your whistle. Go Steelers!!!