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I'm gonna wipe that wine right outta my smile

Last week I received samples of a product called Wine Wipes, touted as "a proprietary blend of stain-removing and teeth-protecting ingredients available in a convenient 20-wipe compact, complete with mirror. Just run Wine Wipes over your teeth and mouth, and order another round of red."

The wipes (which come packaged in a tin and look a lot like Clearasil wipes, and actually happen to contain a warning against eating them...) contain baking soda, salt, hydrogen peroxide calcium and glycerin, and are apparently flavored with orange blossom. Kimberly Walker, Founder of Borracha LLC, was prompted to create the recipe to keep her smiling pretty while she indulged in her favorite drink.

I tried a wipe last night after enjoying a few glasses of a particularly overextracted CA Cabernet (but that's another posting...) to try to get the red off my lips. The verdict? Well, it worked, but it actually burned my lips a bit, and tasted pretty nasty. (The salt and baking soda flavor WAY overpowered any orange blossom taste that was supposed to be there.) Could I have gotten the same results with a wet napkin? Possibly.

However, I think the wipes are a neat idea, especially when you are dining out or are at a party, and I'm hopeful that the new formula/flavor that will be released soon will be more palatable.

Wine Wipes retails for $6.95/each or 3/$18.00, and can be found at retailers nationwide and online at