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Vaults for your malt

Againn Restaurant Located in Washington DC 

In my drooling the other day about the fab cocktails at AGAINN, I forgot to mention one other cool detail about the place...the visually striking boxes are the first thing you see upon entering the restaurant...

DC's newest modern gastropub features 130 private Scotch lockers available to rent for $500 per year. The wooden lockers are lined with felt, temperature controlled, and emblazoned with a personalized nameplate. Guests who rent one are given a black card with a unique number. Upon arriving at AGAINN, they present the server with the card, and are escorted to their locker to retrieve their bottle and enjoy it for the evening. Though DC's liquor laws prevent guests from bringing in their own Scotch, AGAINN's vast list of 80+ whiskeys (including 46 from Scotland) means there is ample selection to stock the box. Though the gastropub opened only a few weeks ago, half of the Scotch vaults are already rented, and interest in the remaining has been high.