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Party like it's 1933!


December 5 marks the 76th anniversary of the Repeal of Prohibition. Celebrations abound around the U.S. (check out my Wine Enthusiast piece for some deets, including DC's swanky celebration.) You may not be getting all dolled up and going out to celebrate. But if you pick up a six pack tomorrow and throw back a few cold ones while watching a movie; open a bottle of wine for dinner; or head out to your favorite bar that makes a Martini just the way you like it, raise your glass in a toast that you CAN do any and all of those things and more. 1919-1933 must have been a rough time...though stories abound of speakeasies and flapper dresses, the bathtub gin was wretched, and the good bartenders moved on to greener pastures. The country is still rebounding from what Prohibition did to the alcohol industry...

(For more on this fascinating topic, check out my friend Garrett Peck's book The Prohibition Hangover. It's really a fascinating read.)

Happy Repeal Day!