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Go DRY tomorrow

DRY Soda
DRY Soda

In recognition of January 16, 2010, which will be the 90th anniversary of the start of Prohibition (not a date to celebrate for sure, but mentioned rather in the spirit of "those who don't remember history are doomed to repeat it"), I thought it was appropriate to remember that though we have the freedom to imbibe (Thank God), not all drinks have to be spirited to be quaffable.

Seattle-based DRY Soda Company has a great line of all natural sodas, flavored with fruit and herb extracts and lightly sweetened with pure cane sugar--no high fructose corn syrup in THESE glass bottles. Sure they are fabulous mixers, but I've been enjoying them all by themselves, too.

Recently, when we entertained some friends, including one who was preggers, I mixed up a spritzer with their Lemongrass soda, muddled blackberries and fresh mint, served over ice and garnished with more mint and a plump blackberry. It was something I just threw together based on what I had set out on the bar, but she really loved it. (I did too...)

My favorite flavors are the ones that might be considered a bit off the beaten path: lavender (great with some freshly squeezed lemonade, or even just a squeeze of lemon); rhubarb (tart and tangy, and great mixed with rum); and juniper berry (when I'm in the mood for a G&T but need to stay focused...)

DRY Soda has a slew of great recipes on their website, and their products are sold at restaurants including The French Laundry in Napa, and Seattle's Dahlia Lounge. Check the website for stores that carry it--you can also buy it online for $19 for a 12 bottle case. (In DC it's available at Dean and Deluca.)