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Take a Chill

I've had my share of experience testing and using wine chillers. In fact, I even reviewed a handful of them for an article in Imbibe awhile back.

My favorite (besides a bucket of ice water...) remains the Vacuvin Chiller Sleeve. I always keep several of the gel-filled sleeves in my freezer at all times (my research provided me with several different models, including a Neoprene one with an adjustable width that works on Champagne and sparkling wine bottles--the regular model just doesn't get wide enough.) To kick up the sleeve's chilling potential, I slip it on a bottle and then stick it in the freezer, and it's ready pretty darn quickly. (I also use it to get reds down to "cellar temperature," which is not the same as "room temperature," especially in the warmer months.)

Recently I heard about skybar's Wine Chill Drops. This tool works a bit differently than most of the others on the market (except for the Ravi chiller which didn't impress me as it seemed to take FOREVER--to this impatient oenophile, at least--to pour a glass of wine through the chilled bottle top. The device works by slipping it on top of a wine bottle. As you pour the wine ran through the chilled portion of the gadget, it gets colder.)

The skybar Wine Chill Drops are spoon-like devices that you actually drop into a glass of wine. The manufacturer claims you can chill a wine to its ideal serving temp. up to 20 times faster than the fridge can chill a whole bottle. For $49.95, you get 2 Drops and 2 holders, each of which fits both wine glasses and flutes. I haven't yet tried them, but I'm definitely curious to see how they work. Though they are a bit stylish, I'm not sure I like the look of it sticking out of my wine glass. But if it works as quickly as promised, then I guess you can remove it after a few minutes--ideally before you and your guest sits down to enjoy it.

For more information, go to skybar's website.