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Libation Indulgence

$100 dollar cocktail at Kellari Drinking anything out of a cocktail glass always makes me a little nervous. Let's face it, it's not the most stable of stemwares. And if a server brings me a Martini that's just filled to the brim, it's all but impossible not to slosh it around and spill at least a few drops. (At home I much prefer Crate and Barrel's Dizzy Cocktail Glass. It's snazzy and stable, a steal for $1.95, and I see it used in so many cocktail books these days.)

Last week I had dinner at Kellari, whose owners had just unveiled a $100 cocktail. The Liquid Gold Martini features Louis XIII Cognac, 150 year old Grand Marnier, Royal Chambord, Dragonfruit juice and a splash of ginger ale. And if that weren't decadent enough, it's garnished with edible gold petals and a dried dragon slice.

I was fortunate enough to sample the cocktail (and when I say sample, I mean the full size beverage. Yup, that piece of stemware I was precariously and slowly bringing up to my lips was filled with liquid costing one hundred smackeroos.) Luckily I didn't spill a drop. The cocktail definitely leans toward the sweet side from the Chambord (not overly so, but I typically gravitate towards tarter tipples.) The Cognac adds some depth, though (incidentally, a bottle of Louis XIII sells for $1800...), and the Grand Marnier and dragonfruit juice give it some citrusy freshness.

So who is the intended audience for this drink? The consensus of my dining companion and me was that it would be the perfect drink if you were looking to throw around some money to impress your girlfriend. (Yes, the drink skews feminine...)

To sample it yourself, or just ogle at one at a neighboring table, visit Kellari Taverna, located at 1700 K Street, NW in Washington, D.C. 20006.