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Temperance Tour

If you are looking for something to do to enjoy DC's warm spring weather, while learning a bit about the history of alcohol in the U.S. (and enjoying a beverage or two...) then I encourage you to come out for the incredibly interesting Temperance Tour on May 22 or 23.

The Temperance Tour is a three-hour walking tour of historic sites in DC that led to Prohibition. It's held in conjunction with WalkingTown, DC,which is offering dozens of FREE tours throughout the weekend on May 22 and 23. My friend Garrett Peck, author of The Prohibition Hangover, will be your tour guide to regale you with stories of long-ago (well, 76 years ago) as if they happened just yesterday.

You will have a choice of TWO tours that weekend - one each on Saturday and Sunday. Each tour is nearly identical. The Temperance Tour starts at 12:00 PM at the Cogswell Temperance Fountain at the Archives/Navy Memorial Metro station on the Green/Yellow Line (the statue is on the east side of 7th Street, just south of the Starbucks; it's got a large bird on top). From there the group will head up to Calvary Baptist Church in Chinatown, where the Anti-Saloon League had its first national convention in 1895.

Please bring a Metro card, as we'll take the Red Line to Dupont Circle to visit the Woodrow Wilson House, and hear a docent tell the group about President Wilson, the Volstead Act, and Prohibition. Note that we won't be able to go into the Woodrow Wilson House on Sunday's tour, as the house is closed for a private event.

An optional happy hour with cash bar will follow after the tour finishes at 3:00 PM: Saturday's will be at the lovely Darlington House, while Sunday's will be at the marvelous Mansion on O Street.

You can read full details about the tour on Garrett's book website at For those who can't participate that weekend, the Temperance Tour is available as an iPod or MP3 audio download on AudioSteps. It even comes with a very cool map, which you can download.
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