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Ca'Secco brings Italian bubbles to Napa

Ca'Secco brings some of the fun of Italian Prosecco to Napa Valley.

Planning to usher in summer this Memorial Day weekend? Temps will approach 90 degrees on Sunday in the DC area, and that calls for something light, fruity and easily quaffable. And since we are celebrating the return of summer, some fun and fruity bubbles seem especially appropriate.

Ca’ Momi, three Italians making wine in the Napa Valley, have recently released a new wine that pays tribute to the land of their birth: Ca’ Secco. The California appellation wine is light, fruity and slightly bubbly, capturing some of the fun and style of more traditional Prosecco wines from the Veneto region. Ca’ Momi wines are named for the family home in Northern Italy. The name pays tribute to Momi dea Bionda, a local character who was famous for his obsession with the house, his grapes and his wine.

Winemakers Dario De Conti and Stefano Migotto explain: “This is not Prosecco. It’s from different grapes, and a different place. But we tried to express the delicate character, the joy of that style of wine, while working with the grapes we have here in California. Don’t take it too seriously. It’s just for fun!”

I got a bottle this week, and noticed the crown cap instead of the traditional cork and wire basket. DeConti explains: “We want people to just open the bottle and enjoy the wine. We don’t make this kind of wine for aging. It’s for drinking right now.”

I'm all about instant gratification, especially when it comes to effervescence.

Have a great holiday weekend!