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Canary Island Wine Dinner at Estadio

If you are an oenophile-slash-armchair traveler, with a taste for the exotic, then head to Estadio on March 19, 2012. That evening, the Spanish small plates hotspot will offer a dinner showcasing wines from the Canary Islands, which have a 500 year history of producing wine.

Though technically part of Spain, the Canary Islands lie 60 miles off the coast of Africa. Beginning in the 1860s and 1870s, virtually all of Europe’s vineyards were wiped out by phylloxera. But because of the sandy, volcanic soils and isolation of the Canaries, their vines were immune from phylloxera. At Estadio, wine lovers will get the rare chance to sample Old World wines from pre-phylloxera vineyards

Familiar grapes include Malvasia and Negramoll. The latter is identical to Tinta Negra Mole--the main grape of the more famous Atlantic wine island Madeira. Indigenous varietals include Gual and Baboso.  A limited number of these wines are imported from the Spanish archipelago each year.

The dinner at Estadio will showcase a range of some of the best wines the Canary Islands has to offer, including one sparkling, three white, four red, and one dessert wine. Executive Chef Haidar Karoum will pair all the selections with specially created dishes inspired by the cuisine of the Canaries exclusively for the dinner.  There will be a reception at 7:00 PM, featuring a rare sparking Malvasia and hors d’oeuvres, before the 4-course sit down dinner begins at 7:30 PM.  Space is extremely limited for this event and reservations are required, and tickets for the dinner cost $100, exclusive of tax and gratuity.


For reservations, please e-mail Max Kuller at, or call the restaurant at 202-319-1404.