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Featured Cocktail: Tablecloth Destroyer #4

From Todd Thrasher, Beverage Director at EatGoodFood Group, including Restaurant Eve, PX, The Majestic and the soon-to-open TNT, comes this fresh, aromatic and appropriately named cocktail. Blackberries are cooked down with lemon verbena and simple syrup, strained, and mixed with white rum and crushed ice, and garnished with garden mint. I sampled one last week at an event at Restaurant Eve--it's not on the regular cocktail menu, but may return as a special. In the meantime, head to the farmer's market and grab a basket of all those gorgeous blackberries out there, and mix one up at home.

Tablecloth Destroyer #4 Courtesy of Todd Thrasher

1 1/2 oz. white rum 4 oz. blackberry base (recipe below) Fresh mint, for garnish

Fill hi-ball glass (or large wine glass) with crushed ice. Add rum and blackberry base. Stir, and garnish with fresh mint.

For the blackberry base: 1 pint blackberries 1 cup lemon verbena 1/2 pint simple syrup (4:1)

In a pot, bring simple syrup to a boil. Add lemon verbena and reduce to a simmer. Let steep for 10 minutes. Blend with blackberries. Strain through a chinois and refrigerate until needed.